Tips for a Long Lasting Marriage

me and my husband had only been together ten months when we got married, I’ve always been around happily married people. my parents have been married for 26 years and they are still extremely happy, obviously being happily married does not mean you never argue because you will, its a part of life and with so many stresses in life how can we not? we all need to express ourselves whether its happiness or anger but the wonderful thing is if you do argue its because you can, because each of you know it is not a means to upset the other and it is not because of anything the other has done, it is just simply that you feel so comfortable ans safe with that one person that you they’ll make you smile and forgive you for shouting or storming off, they’ll forgive you because they love you and they love you for who you are not in spite of arguments or silly rows but because the arguments and silly rows are not important, its normal married behavior and in a way its great to be able to vent your frustrations to the one person who understands and doesn’t mind you venting.

i always knew i would be happily married for a very long time, i always knew i would fall in love and have the perfect family that i always wanted, and now i have. i truly believe we are so happy together because we communicate and understand when we need to ‘talk’! being happily married does not have to be a chore, or hard work, if you work together it can be extremely easy. i don’t sit at home and think about what me or my husband should talk about tonight or try to find a problem where there isn’t one because life is too short, life is supposed to be enjoyable and an experience. there is no point spending years thinking what if we talked more or what if he did this or i did that.

change what needs changing but don’t change what doesn’t. i don’t agree in asking a husband or wife to change for me, if they are not the person you want them to be then maybe its time to move on. I’m not saying i don’t have faults or that my husband doesn’t have faults but i love him for it and i would never change who he is. we respect who we are and i think respect is the key to a long happy marriage, respect who they are not just what they do. talk and always tell them you love them. spend quality time together, laugh at each others jokes even if they’re not funny, spend time doing the housework together, try to share each others burdens. but above all, talk, love and enjoy each other.