Tips for a Long Lasting Marriage

Most of us will talk about quality time with our kids, but did u ever think of to spend quality time with your love one? I am going to share mine here.

Before having kids, of course hubby and I have lots of time to spend together, everything also gather together. I bet you couples also the same.

After Wien & Lyon’s arrival, I am busy with them, lucky hubby get involve in it and help me on handling the newborn baby. So I can say we still have time together. But still I found the time is lesser as compare to last time, I cannot change the fact though. So what I can tell now is our quality time is during our meal time. While we having meal at home, just the 2 of us!

Perhaps you might say, why not eat together with the kids? Well, we did practice that but end up we eat in a rush and didn’t enjoy the meal, plus we cannot talk to each other. Both of us busying feeding or chasing the girls to eat faster. It’s horrible I tell you and it will shortened our life span too if that’s the way we take our meal.

So now once dinner is ready, we’ll get ready for them first and they eat it on their small table and chair. At this moment, Wien already can feed herself, so I only have to feed Lyon. But problem with Wien is, she is slow and need us to constantly remind her to eat spoon by spoon. Hubby is strict on her for her eating style, he dislike her slowness, so I’ll let him handle Wien. Lyon will walk here and there, most of the time I will not chase after her, I’ll call her come to me, else I’ll feed the Big Bad WolfLOLit works! But not all the time ler!

They took almost 30min only finish their meal, then we clean up the place and only after that hubby and I took our dinner or lunch. The kids will play in living hall, and my MIL will be with them. Hubby and I can take peaceful meal, and we can talk talk talk, without kids’ intervention.

Another quality time for us is after the girls’ bedtime, I’ll sneak out from the home once Lyon fall asleep (Wien sleep with MIL). Then we can have a beer or red wine, or just chit chat without taking any drinkoh ya, taking alcohol only during Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night. Week days usually did not practice that; scare cannot wake up on time the next day!

When is your quality time with your love one? Care to share?