Should Couples Live together before getting Married – Yes

Couples should most definitely live together before getting married.

Every relationship goes through the honeymoon phase. We’ve all been there. Everything your new found love does is cute – the way he bites his lip, the way she flips her hair when she laughs. During this honeymoon phase, nothing your other half does is annoying or the slightest bit irritating. You walk down the street holding hands and staring dreamily into each others eyes talking about the bright future you have together.

The next thing you know, you wake up one morning irritated by the sound of your mate’s slightly heavy breathing. You grit your teach as he bites his lip while reading the paper and you let out a silent scream as you witness yet another hair toss. Just as we’ve all been in the honeymoon stage we’ve all been in this less than perfect stage as well. However, now the question becomes, can you handle these annoying oddities from your loved one.

When you live with another person, whether it be your mate or just a friend, you learn how he/she handles the mundane day to day details of life. You get to see the best and the worst side of your new roommate. People seem to change when you live with them or maybe they don’t really change you just are allowed a broader view into their life. You have to be sure you can handle this eyes wide open picture of your mate.

Marriage creates enough burdens on a couple (along with a lot of love and joy!). Living together gets one of those major burdens out of the way. You work out the kinks before saying, “I do,” and are given the opportunity to start your married life on a positive, happy note. With divorce rates that have skyrocketed over the last decade, why not give your relationship that one last edge that might help make its survival be guaranteed. And who knows, if you’re lucky enough, you might even be able to conjure up a few days that feel like the honeymoon stage from early on in your relationship!