Should Couples Live together before getting Married – Yes

I think couples SHOULD live together BEFORE marriage.Love should not be dictated by a piece of paper.I feel you get to truly know that person, their fallacies and faults, their quirks, their habits, their goals, their dreams, their passions, their imperfections, the things that make you unique. Rather then be engaged and jump right into marriage, you get to know this person, heart and soul. They may not be the person you truly thought they were. Deep down they could be something you truly despise, something you could not bear to live with. You cannot truly know someone until you live with them. See them without their makeup, when they are down or happy. Many people put on a facade for work and for the public, for their jobs and for their bosses. But behind closed doors you get to truly know that person, good and bad. Who they truly are, what they truly are, and what they hold dear to them.
I found that out the hard way by getting intimate with a young lady who turned out to be extremely abusive, she was a drug addict , she became very possessive and domineering over the course of our relationship. Thankfully I found this out BEFORE we married, we resided together for almost 18 months and thankfully I broke things off with her, BUT regrettably not before quite a bit of damage was done. She basically accused me of everything under the sun and I had to hire a great attorney to defend myself. I lost a great government job with great benefits and a great retirement because of this woman. I lost friends ,respect and face with many people from false accusations. I am a better person for it now, you live, you learn and you mature and grow. It took me several years to clear up her accusations and deciet but 5+ years later it was accomplished. I am really thankful we did not marry and me lose 50% or more of the home and possessions I personally worked so hard for. So I am a firm believer in a couple living together before marriage. Living ,learning,growing and understanding. I do understand some religions do not permit couples living together intimately before marriage. But maybe that is why there is such a high divorce rate , especially here in Florida ( 50% plus or minus) and why there are so many children born out of wedlock. Love should not be dictated by a piece of paper. It should come from the heart and soul.
P.S. To be blatantly honest I am scared. Scared of meeting a girl like this again. I’m 37, almost 38 and have never been married. BUT I do know this , no one is perfect by any means, I still look and still try to find that love I will eventually marry, but I will live with her first before we even think about getting engaged, married or children. Marriage is hard work, it is almost like a full time job in and of itself, giving your significant other what they need and desire. I made no mistakes the first time around, just in my choice of woman, and hopefully I have learned from that mistake…