Should Couples Live together before getting Married – Yes

Anybody who knows me know how much I just love spending time online and I love answering questions, giving people valuable information, and expressing my beliefs & opinions to other people. That’s exactly why I spend most of my time in forums, chat rooms, Internet communities, and one of my favorites Yahoo! Answers.
This question reminds me of a question that I answered in the Family & Relationships category of Yahoo! Here’s what the question said, “Why do women change once they are married? I’ve seen it with a lot of my friends. Ladies? Any insight here?”
Here’s what I responed: “I think it’s important to pay close attention to your mate while you’re dating and that’s why it’s essential to pay attention to move in together before marriage or at least spend nights with your mate before marriage. When you do, you might notice things you like and dislike but here’s your chance to make things right; ask questions and work on this person.”
I received Best Answer for that question because the Asker thought that I had a “good insight.”
Based on that question is what I’ll base my article today. Many men and women believe that their partner will change once they get married. I know it isn’t traditional or even a biblical way of living but it does help a person to understand their partner. When you pay close attention to your partner through this living period, you’ll find that there is a lot you don’t know about him or her.
When you see things you dislike, you can talk about how you feel about that with an open discussion and your partner can tell you the same things that she may not like. When you come to conclusions on how to solve the situation, you can live together in perfect harmony.
My husband and I lived together for four years before getting married and we’ve been married for four years plus have been married for four years, so we’re happier than ever. However, we didn’t really have any problems (except we’re too much alike) because our birthdays are a day before & after each other. We’re happy and growing every single day of the year.
So, I personally think that couples should live together before getting married.