Men are they all the same

The big question is: are all men the same. Well the answer to that is both yes and no. Yes they can be the same in some ways and not the same in others. But this still doesn’t answer the question. Let’s break it down and distinguish the two.

I will start by saying how men are the same. From the time man was created until the present day, men are still pigs. That is real hard to say due to the fact I’m calling myself a pig. But the truth is when it comes to certain things about men, I will have to admit that I am a pig. Think in terms of sex. I know that as a man I don’t think in my mind that I could live without sex. I think that men build up testosterone at levels they can’t control and it controls our mind.

When men think of sex they think of themselves for the most part. The main goal for them is to climax and be done. Most men are stubborn and want things their way. When dating men they tend to want you to commit to them before they are willing to commit to you. What I mean by this is even if you say you are only dating them and no other men, most of them will still be talking to other women until they are seriously committed.

I’m sure most of you women have had a man to tell you they would really like it if you didn’t have sex or talk to other guy’s while you are with them. This is where a lot of men feel the same. They don’t want to commit to a relationship but they don’t want you talking or having sex with another man while you’re talking to him. The sad past about this is that most men will still be talking and having sex with other women until you tell them they are in a relationship with you.

How men are different is in their actions. By that I mean men treat women differently. Some men will treat women like they are livestock and some men treat women like a queen. I think the reason for this is the way the man was raised. If their dad was controlling or possessive then they will be more susceptible to being that way. If their dad was always nice and enjoying the company of his wife then most men will follow in their father’s footsteps.
Men are also different when it comes to helping around the house. Some men like me believe in helping with the daily chores around the house. You don’t have to tell me to clean up after myself because I was raised to do so. I have also lived by myself and was raised to keep a clean house and was taught to do laundry. I know of some men that wouldn’t know how to turn on a washer or dryer.

Like I said, men are not all created the same but we do have a lot of similarities. Just because we are all alike in many ways you shouldn’t judge us off another man’s actions.