Marriage Happy ever after

Every young girl dreams about her wedding day. She has the floral arrangement placed just to her liking and she glows in her perfectly fitted white wedding gown. And just as fairly tales have taught us, happily ever after is tied in like a bow to complete the perfect dream.

Happily ever after seems to end the day after the wedding vows are said and reality decides to take a step back into the newlywed lives. This does not mean that every marriage will end in a tragedy or a divorce; it simply means that the real world and the fantasy world are no longer interconnected.

I truly believe that it is possible to survive many years of marriage and still be happy with your choice. Times will never be easy or simple in any marriage or relationship, because it is no longer about just one person; it is about the both of you. Each individual will go through a hard time that will dump them in the middle of the wild waves of the ocean. The challenge of marriage is being the life support for the other person. Letting them know that your love will continue till death due you part, and you will not abandon them in their weakest moment.

Love and marriage is not about happily ever after but about the moments of getting from each turning point together and looking back at the memories, just to laugh at how you got by on love.

Happily ever after isn’t only for married couples, it should be a state of mind that we all thrive for. Life should be celebrated at the good times, and lessons should be learned during those unbearable times. A positive outlook on life will make any person move closer to happily ever after. If we don’t have happily ever after in our mind set, then what is the point of life? Take a moment to smile at your own life story, and in that moment, remind yourself that your life is to be lived happily ever after.