How Resentment can Destroy a Marriage

How To Tell If Resentment Is Destroying Your Marriage…

A marriage is rarely destroyed by one major fight, no matter what the fight is about. But resentment can creep into a relationship and place a choke-hold on communication and outward signs of affection.

It’s the little things that can destroy your marriage. So make sure you don’t let little disagreements slide, otherwise they could flare up into an insurmountable problem down the line.

Someone filled with resentment doesn’t want to touch you, kiss you, smile at you, joke around with you, be a companion with you…. They can’t because something is wrong and has to be made right so you can be in harmony with each other again.

Everybody has a bad day here and there. But if the problems seem to be lingering, then you may have an issue with resentment simmering beneath the surface of your relationship, ready to rupture like hot lava from the mouth of a volcano that’s been long dormant.

Here are some on-going symptoms of resentment in your marriage:

*You used to kiss on the lips but now it’s the cheek
*Your partner answers many of your inquires with hummmmmmmmmmmm …
*You need to wear warm clothing to bed
*The only thing happening in your bedroom is sleep
*Your partners lips are frequently compressed
*You and/or your partner are bickering quite often
*You don’t talk with each other all that much
*You don’t laugh and joke around much either
*You or your partner does pretty much all of the housework
*You or your partner has a hobby/sporting interest that costs money and takes you away for much of your leisure time
*Your partner gives you expressionless, very bland facial expressions (there are thoughts that you will never know about going on in there…)
*You make family decisions without consulting your partner
*You or your partner frequently have negative thoughts about each other and often make negative comments about each other
*One of you doesn’t keep promises (big and small ones)
*One of you forgets important dates on a regular basis
*There’s no love in your house
*You can’t recall the last time you gave your partner a sincere compliment (there could be a coldness between you that’s developed so slowly that you haven’t noticed it…)


One partner may feel un -appreciated, under-valued and simply taken for granted as she/he busily shuffles around cooking, cleaning, bathing kids, packing lunches, washing, ironing…. all this After working all day inside or outside the home.

So share the load, share your dreams/hopes/goals/fears, talk openly about money, make sure you continue to date each other. And always remember that your partners, not boss and employee.