Essential Oils for Eyes

More and more people are choosing to use alternative medicines to treat minor illnesses rather than taking a prescription. Putting essential oils in or near the eyes isn’t something that is widely known about, but there are several that can aid in the treatment of eye problems. Before using essential oils for your eyes, always contact your doctor.


Clary sage is the essential oil that is most widely used to treat vision problems. It is placed in the eye, so advice from an optometrist is important before use. Clary sage is used as a cleanser for the eyes. It can also be used to clear eye sight due to foggy vision or an injury to the eyes. Clary sage can also be used to brighten the eyes and improve vision. Finally, it can have beneficial results for people with eye issues related to aging.

Hay Fever

Several essential oils are effective for treating itchy and watery eyes associated with hay fever. They are typically massaged into the sinus area or inhaled. The first is juniper, but should not be used during pregnancy or if a person has kidney problems. Another is lavender, but again, it should not be used during pregnancy. Lavender should also be avoided by those with low blood pressure. The final essential oil that can treat hay fever is lemon. However, lemon is one that should not be directly inhaled. It can be used in potpourri. Mix these essential oils with a carrier oil, such as almond or olive, for a less-potent version.

Pink Eye

This infection of the outer layer of the eye can be treated with herbal infusions made from cornflower, chamomile, marigold or fennel. They are typically used in a compress and not directly put into the eye. Tea tree oil can also be rubbed around the eyes, but not in the eyes. These oils have antimicrobial properties.