3 Ways to Stop Nasal Drainage

1. Treat Upper Respiratory Infections

Sneezing, drippy nose and stuffy sinuses go hand in hand with colds and flu. While you can treat the drainage of mucus specifically, addressing the entire cause of the condition will help to alleviate it more quickly. Drink plenty of nonalcoholic and noncaffeinated liquids to relieve swelling of the irritated blood vessels. Take any medication prescribed by your doctor on time and in correct dosages. Use a decongestant if you are stuffy as well as drippy, or an antihistamine if you aren’t congested but experiencing quite a lot of mucus drainage. Check the drug labels and note whether drowsiness may occur.

2. Manage Your Allergies

A runny nose usually accompanies itchy eyes, nose and throat during seasonal or environmental allergy attacks. Washing your face, eyes and nose frequently will reduce the amount of irritants you ingest. Sneezing is an effort to clear the sinuses, as is consciously blowing your nose.
After diagnosing your allergies, your doctor may prescribe a daily antihistamine or corticosteroid pill or spray. Your doctor may also warn you to pay attention to your lifestyle and environment, keeping your bed or rooms free of dust, mites and animal hair. An electronic air cleaner or HEPA-filter vacuum cleaner can help. Stay on top of doctor recommendations to reduce the frequency of allergic reactions and excessive nasal drainage.

3. Perform Nasal Self-Care

When prescription medications are not effective and you need extra help, or to prevent the dripping associated with rhinitis, try some self-care tricks. A saline nasal spray or drops will flush out irritants, thin the mucus and soothe the lining of your nose. You can use a saline solution before activity or exposure to cold temperatures to prevent or mitigate nasal dripping. Try it the night before as well as the day of a brisk run or other exercise in the cold.
Blowing your nose gently also clears the nasal passages of irritants. Breathing steam has a similar effect. If drainage is intermittent with congestion, try using a humidifier or taking a hot shower.