Relationship Advice

Girls night can help enhance your relationship with your partner. Time spent with your gal pals can prove to be stress reducing as well as help you appreciate your partner more and vice versa. There are several activities to choose from when having a girls night out or in. Girls night out can be healthy for your relationship in so many ways while also building camaraderie with your friends.

Many people think of girls night out as going to the bar but you can have just as much fun and more at home. I think one of the most entertaining ways to have a girls night in would be to host a romance party also commonly referred to as a toy party. This can be a fun way to bond with your girlfriends while at the same time getting an education about how to enhance your intimate relationship. In this situation it would be illegal in most states to have the opposite sex “allowed”. Not for what some people might think.

I know when I first heard of an adult toy party or lingere party all kinds of wild thoughts raced through my mind. I was quite frankly afraid to attend one. I suppose just as young men used to imagine girls at slumber partys in lingerie half naked they have all kinds of ideas about these toy partys as well.

I hate to break it to you guys but none of what you imagine is going on. It’s much like attending a tupperware party or home interiors party or something of that nature but with a comedy routine added. There is a lot of laughing, giggling and blushing and always great food. The parties are tastefully done with a lot of class.

The women who are consultants at these parties got through extensive training and are usually very professional. The good news for you men is that often your partner is going to come home with a little piece of knowledge about intimacy that she had not previously known. These kinds of parties also help build your woman’s confidence in the bedroom and we all know confidence is a good thing.

While the girls are having their girls night the guys get to do their thing whether it be bowling, poker, shooting pool, or whatever gives them the chance to be a guy. Most girls don’t want to be in a room with a bunch of guys that are smoking cigars, farting and burping.

While women connect with women and the guys bond just know these are also building blocks to your relationship. Whatever you do on your girls/guys night out it’s a chance to be silly,speak openly, and cut loose a little. Sometimes when you are with your friends you hear about their relationship issues and it can make your issues seem not so big. If you are the couple that has the big issues sometimes being around people in healthier relationships can help in the form of advice. You can both fall in love with each other all over again when you reunite at the end of the evening.