One of the many essential objects to a human’s heart is the love and the support of friends. But what is a true friend? When do people begin to form friendships? Why do people need friends?

A true friend listens to you without ever judging you. He or she is the one who’s always there for you, whether the times are good or bad. He never leaves you hanging, even in the worst of circumstance.   A buddy gives you good advice and supports your decisions no matter what. A true friend is worth all the gold in the world. A man alone is poor even if he owns millions of dollars, because friendship can’t be bought and many spend their whole life searching for it. The love between two friends is also mutual. Both sides should invest a lot of effort in order to have a strong and long-lasting bond and be able to always depend on their close friend. People should accept the other person’s imperfections and be ready to offer him help when needed.

Friendships begin to form at a really young age. In fact, little children hardly have any difficulties to make friends. As long as others play with them and are nice to them, they immediately become friends. The friendships young kids form in kindergarten don’t always last for long, but when they do, they generally survive forever.

People need friends, because life is a lot more enjoyable when you have somebody to share your happiness with. When you are with a friend, you feel safe and you feel like you belong. A joke is always funnier when you’re two to laugh at it together. Diner always tastes better when you’re two to share it. A song always sounds better when you’re two to listen to it. While growing up, people start to associate more and more with their friends and less with their family. They spend a lot of time with them. They share their dreams, their terrifying worries and their love stories with their pals; they can always count on them to understand them or trying to help them.  Friends are also always there when someone need somebody to listen to him or a kind shoulder to cry on.

Some people even say, “Without friends, we are lost”. I strongly agree with their statement. Friends are a very significant part of people’s lives; they are the family that we chose.