Friendship Issues Advice

I think true, worth-while friendship occurs when two people or a group of people achieve a certain sense of comfort with each other. That sounds obvious, but let’s delve into that level of comfort.

What good is it to have a hundred acquaintances that you never really talk to. You the people I am talking about. Whenever you see them coming you start thinking of random things to say about the weather, or a sports team, or even a tv show you both watch like American Idol. You may consider yourselves to be friends, but what do you really know about that person. I think these relationships are harmless but they are a few steps below friendship.

You know who your real friends are when you see that person and you are not worried if your hair is fixed, zipper zipped, shoes tied, or nose free of buggers. You actually talk about things that are meaningful to you. Like the nasty new rash you discovered that morning, or maybe you will compare creative methods of telling off your boss and quiting your job (that is as long as the boss is not within hearing distance). A true friend will tell you exactly how pathetic your come-over looks. You can tell who your friends are immediately when you are comfortable enough to describe in detail the contents of your most recent bowel movement. To me friendship means that nothing is off limits, not even flatulence.

I hope that after reading this you may begin to re-evaluate some of your relationships. If you are not certain that if you have a true friend or not, before you invite them on that fishing trip, or cook-out , or where ever it is you like to escape take a long look into his/her eyes and closely observing the features on his/her face while you are talking about whatever is you talk about and really concentrate on that persons reaction while you squeeze a little fart out during your conversation. If that persons body language says to you, “I can’t believe you just did that! We are in Church!” Well you may reconsider that weekend get-away. Because a friend’s body language would say “Nice going, I admire that expression of comfort! But you may think about changing your pants after the service!” Heck if he/she is a great friend that person may just echo your bodily expression of friendship. When that happens you know that you have a fishing-buddy for life, or whatever it is that you like to do.
Good luck, and you may want to look in the mirror it looks like you have a “bat in the cave”