Friendship Issues Advice

There are many valuable dating tips that a person can give a friend. Usually the best dating tips come from personal experience. Most people that are dating are doing so because they are trying to find a permanent life partner. It is very important that these individually show who they really are during the dating process. That means that they need to relax and enjoy the experience. Being nervous will not help either party get to know each other fully. This means that the best tip that someone can give their friend is to be themselves.

It is also very important to avoid sensitive subjects. Finding out what the person they are going to be dating likes is very important. If they are not sure, a friend should always be supported in finding the right topics that their friend should be discussing on the date. Avoiding sensitive subjects such as religion, past relationships and politics is also very important. Looking the best that a person can look is always advisable. If a person does not care about the impression they leave on a potential partner, they will see no improvement in their relationship status.

A friend should always encourage someone they care about to keep their options open when dating. This means not being attached to the idea of a relationship until both parties have agreed to be exclusive with each other. This can be helpful so that a person does not formulate an unhealthy attachment with the idea of a new partner. It is always a good idea to stay positive during the dating process. That means each date has the ability to teach both people on the date something about themselves. Even if there is not a love connection, a salad friendship can develop out of the meeting.

Most people are constantly in a rush to find a relationship. It is always good to have a support network in case finding a partner takes longer than expected. It can be very difficult if the person is always speaking negatively about himself or herself. A friend should encourage someone they care about to only say positive things about themselves on the date. This way the potential partner will not be looking at the weaknesses of the other person so carefully.

The dating process should always be fun. If a person does not enjoy at least part of the evening, that means they are taking the process too seriously.

Friendship Issues Advice

If you asked me 2 months ago I would have said yes men and women can be “just friends”. But since it is now I have realized that we can be just friends for a period of time. Based on my own personal experience I want to tell you why it can be a great friendship if you are both always honest with your feelings.

Last year I was dumped and I found this girl that I work with beautiful, caring, smart, and all around great person. Oh and she liked sports too. She has a long distance boyfriend. Well we would spend time together go out to eat, go shopping, help each other with different odds and ends and it was absolutely great. We could say anything to each other but we were still both holding back what we said.

We developed a love for each other. Felt a certain security for each other. Being with her as just friends made me feel like I was on top of the world. And I’m sure she felt great too. Now we have never done anything physical together neither one of us is the type of person that would cheat.

Two weeks ago it all came crashing down. It came crashing down after a phone call from her with an excuse of why she couldn’t hang out with me that day at the last minute. Over the past year there have been times when I needed someone to talk to and I would call her and she just wouldn’t answer, only to find out that she just spent the day watching tv. And other times when we were on opposite shifts that I would call each day cause I needed someone to talk to and she wouldn’t pick up. Well two weeks ago it just hit me so hard I always looked forward to hanging out with her. Always loved it. I broke down and I wrote a poem and pasted it on my myspace account. In that poem it had a lot of very bad things about her. Well since then she is completely avoiding me we did talk once and I explained. And she accepted my apology. But I never got to hear one from her about the events leading up to my breakdown.

So to answer the question can men and women be “just friends” I will have to say that they can for a period of time. But after that it is just going to end. Something will happen. As far as my friend and myself well who knows what will happen but as each day passes I start to move on more and more.