Feed all your senses to keep from stuffing your stomach

Writing for Shape magazine, Dr. Ann Kearney Cook suggests indulging all your senses if you happen to be a person who can’t stop thinking about eating and loves too much food. “Food is one of life’s great pleasures,” she writes, “but if it’s your only or most prominent one, it’s a sign that something else is missing.”

I love this idea and can’t stop thinking about how I could feed all my senses to keep me from thinking about peanut butter ice cream with whipped cream and a cherry, or salty hot macaroni and cheese, or…or…

Wind chimes? Soft wind chimes and the patter of bedtime rain.

With a toddler in my life, it’s loud. So loud I’ve become ultra-sensitive, wincing or jumping at the glorious crashes and musical sounds he creates (as I write this, a random dropping of an empty beer bottle over and over and over).

I crave soothing sounds: early-morning birds, the shusshing of our locust tree in a strong breeze, the soft squelch of windshield wipers when no one is talking in the car, my son’s breathing in his warm crib, a far-off radio in another house. I never before thought of these favorite sounds as something that could satisfy me physically, as food does. But now I’m going to look for these soft sounds whenever Binx calms down or goes to sleep, and I’m going to eat them up.

Author by Larissa Brown