Snow Day Fun

When snow falls it is a magical scene that can make children feel excited and begin hoping for a ‘snow day’. Snow days do not come around often, perhaps once or twice a year if we are lucky and it is a perfect opportunity for you to bond with your family at this time when you can’t go far and you may not see other people. Take advantage of the fact that you are snowed in, make the most of this time to have fun and get to know your children and bond with them. This is a time when some special memories can be made.

* Snow fun!

Something which you can’t do any other day if there is no snow around is have fun in the snow! Wrap up warm with scarves and gloves and head out into the winter wonderland and create lots of fun! You can build snowmen and snowdogs which you and your children can do together. This is a great way to be involved and is not only fun but also rewarding too as you step back and admire your work! You can also have fun by having a snow ball fight or making snow angels. Who cares if you get damp or you’re acting like a big kid by throwing yourself into the snow next to your child? Let your hair down and really have fun, let it bring back memories from your own childhood and share these with your child.

* Hot chocolate time!

After you have been out in the freezing snow, bundle your little family inside and have a special hot chocolate. Add cream and marshmallows and sit together by the fire under a throw as you drink them. This is such a contrast from the cold, exerting time you have just had which makes it even more special. You are now warm and relaxing and showing your children that you can have fun in both extremes.

* Baking!

Whilst you are unable to get out and about because of the snow take some time to bake with your children. Chose a recipe which they will enjoy and will be appropriate enough for them to follow with your guidance and get stuck in. This will help to educate your children about baking as well as give you time to watch them in action as they mix and stir and help to create. It is always very rewarding to see the finished product and to taste it. Children love baking and there seems to be something more enjoyable about it when it’s so cold outside.

* Craft!

Get your children to be creative and make some snowy scenes. Use glitter and cotton wool with glue and have them sit down and make some collages for you. They can be creative any day of the week if you let them but use the snow outside as inspiration. Sit with them and join in, make your own snowy scene and enjoy having this time with your children whilst you can.

* Play games

Children like to play games and get imaginative. Use your board games or your dress up items and have your children engage in some fun time. The games that you already have in your house but may not use just because you get interrupted by people coming round or because you’re children are busy doing something else suddenly can become very interesting and entertaining when you all sit down together to play them whilst the snow outside glistens away.

When you are snowed in you can really create some special memories for your children. You can create some fantastic bonds with them and enjoy yourself whilst you have this rare opportunity where you can’t do everyday things like you would normally do. Use the snow as inspiration to get creative and remember to have fun. It can be a bonding and special time so embrace this opportunity.