Why some Men are Attracted to Older Women

It is not uncommon for men to be attracted to older women.  Reasons for this vary by the person, but may include one or a combination of the below points.

They may like a woman who is more mature

Some men might like a more mature woman, which someone older women might be.  They might want someone who is more serious about things and who doesn’t seem like a “little girl.”  They may feel like they can have more adult conversations with them.

They are looking for someone who reminds them of their mother

Some men are attracted to older women because they are actually trying to look for someone that reminds them of their mother.  Often this is done at an unconscious level.  They may miss the relationship they had in the past and want someone who they feel will take care of them. 

They may be attracted to the look of an older woman

Different men find different looks attractive.  Some like the mature look of an older woman.  They may find her more sexy or just find that it is the look that draws them in.  They may not even know why.

They want someone more secure

They may associate an older woman with someone who is more secure.  They may want someone who is more financially secure or someone who is just more comfortable with whom they are.  Whether or not it is true, they may associate it with someone older.

They want someone with more experience

A younger man might think that an older woman has more experience.  This could be in an intimate manner.  It could be just in world experiences.  They may like someone who has seen more and might be more knowledgeable about different things because of it. 

They feel like they can talk to someone who is older easier

A man might have more difficulty conversing with someone who is younger than him.  He may feel that some older woman are more confident and calm, and this might make it easier for him to talk to them. He may just find that the conversation flows easier.  Some may also find that they have more in common with older women or like the same things.

Even if it is more common for men to look for younger woman, some do purposely seek out older.  The above reasons are some commonly cited for this.