Creative Ways to Show your Girlfriend you Love her

Women are highly emotional creatures. Modern psychology tells us that women feel the closest connection to their lovers when they feel as though their internal feelings are being completely understood and catered to. In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, creativity and romance are truly the key to any celebration of love. Additionally, personalization is that little extra something that will make a woman’s heart melt. For instance, a beautiful necklace might warm a woman up inside, but adding an inscription on the back of the pendent saying how much you love her will send her over the edge of the waterfall of passion without a flotation device! Doing something that is creative, romantic and uniquely “you” is the mark to shoot for, and with that in mind, let us explore a few of the ways that you can make your love known.

Ladies love to be surprised in romantic ways, and what is more romantic that knowing that someone you love has taken the time to plan a romantic getaway? The great thing about this idea is that it can be as simple or as extravagant as you want to make it. If you have limited time and a limited budget, you could pack up a blanket, a small picnic basket of sexy snacks, and pick your girl up for a night under the moonlight at your favorite scenic spot. Don’t forget a portable radio (or you could use the one in your car if you aren’t afraid of running down the battery!) and a CD or MP3 mix of your favorite romantic music.

If money and time aren’t issues, you could plan an overnight getaway at someplace private and romantic…think along the lines of a “spa” getaway, not a party place. Make sure to call ahead and have the front desk put a bottle of champagne (or apple cider if you’re not the drinking type) on ice in your room, and possibly an assortment of chocolates and a bouquet of flowers as well (most nice hotels will be able to accommodate your needs). Choose a place that has a nice room service menu, order up some food and spend the entire night together in your room.

A nice dinner is always a good choice when you’re looking for something romantic to do for your girl. There is something about a man taking charge, making a plan and executing it that is in and of itself “delicious” to most women, pair that with the added bonus of creativity and personalization and you have a definite winner! There are two options when planning a dinner…either you stay in, or you go out. Personally, I think that the “stay in” option is the most romantic. For this, you will need a theme; “Italian” is always a good choice. First download, or purchase, some romantic Italian music that will be the backdrop to your evening. Next you will want to decorate the dining room; you can’t go wrong with fresh flowers and lots of candles. Set the table with all of the “restaurant” necessities, like salt and pepper shaker, place settings, glasses, bread basket, etc., and make sure that you bring your girl in and sit her down so that you can serve her dinner. If you’re not a great cook, get some really good Italian take-out, but make sure to present it on a plate as though it was something you prepared.

If you choose to “go out” instead, make sure to choose a romantic restaurant that offers a quiet and private atmosphere. It’s fun to call ahead of time and have flowers delivered to the table, a little romantic surprise that will put a smile on your girl’s face. It’s also fun to order your food ahead of time, so that you won’t be distracted by menu’s. This is a very romantic option…so long as you are sure that you know what your girl likes to eat! Don’t forget to end the meal with a beautiful dessert; get one so that you have to share, or get several different desserts and share them anyway. The key to pulling off an evening like this is in the planning and the little extra touches that make it different.

Being romantic and creative doesn’t always have to be a huge production. Sometimes the “little things” that are thoughtful and unexpected are the most romantic. For instance, someday when your girlfriend is at work, find a way to get her car keys (or find an excuse to use her car) and take her car to the local car wash. Completely clean out the inside, vacuum the carpet, and wash the outside. Get one of those cardboard air-fresheners in her favorite scent, take a black marker and write a loving little note on it and hang it from the rear-view mirror. Any girl would melt at this creative little stunt!

Another extremely romantic thing that all girls enjoy is getting flowers, and because women love to make sure that other women know how lucky they are, they REALLY enjoy receiving flowers at work! Call in an order for a simple and elegant arrangement and have it delivered on a day that is otherwise ordinary. If you really want to spice up this option, meet the florist at your girlfriend’s place of business around lunch time, and in addition to the bouquet of flowers, have him deliver a piece of jewelry (something sweet and inexpensive is fine…think necklace pendent or “charm”) along with it. In the bouquet card, write a little note inviting your girl to a surprise lunch date (if she’s got the kind of job that makes it difficult for her to get away for lunch, call ahead and speak with her supervisor).

In the end, remember the three most important things, creativity, romance and personalization, and apply those things to everything that you do. If you put in the extra effort and this effort really shows, you’ll have your girlfriend melting in your arms in no time!