Creative Ways to Show your Boyfriend you Love him

We actually do not know how creative we are in terms of showing how we love our partners. It depends on the kind of situation and the status of our lives. If we have enough money, the gifts and other stuffs are not a big problem. By just one click we can buy whatever we want and prepare whatever we have planned. But, what if we do not have that enough money? I believe in here we can see the creativeness of one person. To show how much you love a person regardless of the amount of money that you have.

I was just a simple lady with a simple life. I do not have the regular job that everybody wants. Once in a while I earn money and I save it for future purposes. Well, if you would ask how I survive my way of living? It is because my boyfriend pays all of my bills. But it doesn’t mean that I am taking advantage of his money. Whenever he’s a little short of money, I give him whatever it is that I have saved. He did not know how I got and saved that certain amount but all he knew was it was all for him. I just wanted to be his savior as he is to me. Having a relationship is really a give and take procedure. You show him you love him and he will love you back regardless of other factors.

I admire my mom so much because I have seen how he took care of my dad and us. She wakes up early in the morning though sometimes she is sick. She prepares our food and cleans our house. Years ago, I told my boyfriend that I thought I wouldn’t be a perfect wife. I thought I couldn’t do whatever my mom has done for us. But, I just found myself doing exactly what my mom did. I wake up in the morning as he wakes up too. I sometimes prepare food for his breakfast and get back to sleep whenever he goes to work. Wake up again as I prepare for our lunch. Before, I do not know how to cook but I tried hard. The funny thing is, even though the food is messed up he still appreciates it. He would still eat it as if it tastes good. I also do the laundry and clean the house for him. I even do the ironing at night so he has clothes to wear for work. It just feels good whenever I do things for him. I guess that shows how much I love my boyfriend and that I would do everything for him.