Creative Ways to Show your Boyfriend you Love him

The spark of creativity can inspire us when we least expect, but some people are much more gifted with the ability to tap into it than others. I’m a guy that happens to be dating a woman that never seems at a loss for inventing unexpected ways to show her love. Even at times when I’m expecting to be surprised, I’ll still find myself pleasantly moved to tears by the distance to which she’ll extend herself.

Any day can be a day of inspiration for her. Once, when I arrived home after a particularly difficult day at work, I was shocked to find motivational signs in the yard with writings such as, “I hope the best day of your past is equal to the most challenging day of your future”. There were eight in all, and by the time I reached the front door, I started to feel the weight of the day lifting.

When I entered the house, she suggested that I change clothes, because we were going out to dinner, and it would be her treat. Before I headed to the bedroom, she held a small wicker basket before me and asked that I pick one of several small, folded slips of paper. I chose what I thought was the largest, unfolded it and found “surf and turf” scribbled in her familiar writing.

I showered and got dressed, but before leaving the bedroom, she walked in and asked if I trusted her? I assured her that I did, so she asked that I close my eyes. I almost had second thoughts about the trust issue as she covered my eyes with a blindfold. She kissed my lips, then led me through the house until I heard the patio door opening. At that point, I could smell the aroma of grilled steak, and again, I smiled. She seated me at the patio table and removed the blindfold. I gasped, because before me sat a perfectly decorated table with our finest dinner ware, linen napkins, a Caesar’s salad, and a bouquet of roses at the center of the table.

I commented that I thought we were going out to dinner, and she said, “we are out”. After the salad, she poured me a glass of wine. I smiled while sipping slowly, listening to the soft music escaping the small speakers positioned around the patio enclosure. Within minutes, she served me a perfectly medium-well New York Strip and grilled shrimp. I hungrily ate it all, and as she removed the plate from in front of me, I kissed her and said thank you for making my day better. She looked deeply into my eyes and said, “thank you for making my life better”, then slipped into the kitchen.

We talked on the patio for about an hour or so, enjoying each other and absorbing the moment. Suddenly, I became curious. I walked to the wicker basket and opened another slip of folded paper. After reading it, I opened another , and then another. Once again, I had to smile. Each slip was inscribed with “surf and turf”.