Creative Ways to Show your Boyfriend you Love him

Creative ways to show your boyfriend you love him:

I am as I have said many times a hopeless romantic. Not only do I like hearing my partner tell me he loves me, I tell him all the time. I will never get tired of saying or hearing him tell me he loves me.

I am always sending IM’s of love over the Internet knowing when he logs in the first thing he will see is me just saying I love you. I send emails with clip art of lovers, I send cards to his email also.

If he is going on a trip, which he does about every other month, I slip notes into the pockets of his shirts or pants pockets. I slip notes into his lunchbox when he decides to bring lunch to work with him as well; I thought he gets use to them so I change up stop for a while.

Never are the notes negative or a shopping list, just very personal things between the two of us, and they most always end in I love you. The reason I know he looks forward to them is when the notes are not slipped into his laptop, lunchbox, pockets or briefcase and stop sending emails, he starts asking is everything OK or if I am upset with him for some reason. He rarely acts if he notices the notes I send with him.

Since he rarely says anything about the little, “I love you” notes I thought at first he did not like them, or was somewhat sick of getting them or even annoyed. However, once they stopped, he told me how much they helped him get through the day and how much he looked forward to seeing them. He even confessed he starts looking for them as soon as he gets to work and if he does not find one on paper or in a card, the next thing he does is go on line to see if I wrote him something there.

Writing a note every morning or keeping a stock of romantic or funny cards is such an easy thing to do, and it makes my partner so happy, just to get a thank you now and then. Such a small way to say I love you and he knows how much I mean it. I think this is part of the reason we have so few fights. I am happy the notes and cards make him happy and to know he looks forward to getting them daily, knowing I bring a smile to his face every day, makes me very happy.

It is habit for me, though I mean every word I write in my notes I send with him. I rarely forget. I have noticed I now get notes saying I love you on the refrigerator, or in my drawers. This is now something we both do for one another, it helps to brighten both of our days, and we know we appreciate each other and we respect the love we have found in one another. Funny how such a tiny thing can make such a huge difference in your romantic and everyday hum-drum life.