Creative Ways to Show your Boyfriend you Love him

St. Valentines day is a great day if you happen to be in love, and it is always fun trying to think up fun and novel ideas to surprise your man on this special Valentines night. The act of exchanging gifts is generations old and it all started to grow as commercial business in the 1800’s. The act of giving a poem, or some flowers dates back to 496 A.D when this day was designated to St Valentine so that he could be honoured and remembered after his death, which was on February 14th, 269 A.D. –

Being such a special time of year when lovers affirm their love for each other, it is nice to think of something a little different in the way of celebrating St Valentines, rather than just buying a store bought card, and chocolates, which are the typical kind of things that are normally given on this day. So in trying to come up with a slightly unusual gift, I decided to write a poem to my loved one, which goes back to the roots of what St Valentines day is all about. When the Romans used to five their maidens a small note of written verse. It is something really personal, and part of yourself, and the words of the poem will be very special to the man you love.

I love making things out of ribbons and lace and, various other materials, and bibs and bobs I have to hand. So this year I will be trying my hand at making a home-made Valentine card. This will be a lot of fun, and once again a very personal thing to do. I’m sure he will love it, and I shall write on the card with a silver pen. I thought I might use purple card which you can purchase from a good stationers, or art shop. It will be so beautiful with the lace and bows., and silver writing.

Then I will make a special dinner. I have decided on steak and asparagus, with whole green pepper sauce. Asparagus is reported as being an aphrodisiac, and it goes beautifully with the steak. We will be having pink champagne, and I shall drop a strawberry in each glass; delicious. For pudding I thought a fluffy Pavlova cake, rich with fresh cream, and laced with fresh raspberries, and crisp meringue.

The main present of the evening will be the bedroom. I will scatter rose petals all over the bed and floor. This looks so romantic, and will be a lovely way to relax after our romantic meal. I will put fresh white linen on the bed, and pink bulbs in the lights, and I shall burn aromatherapy candles of jasmine so the room is filled with a lovely scent, to put us in the mood for love.

These are just a few ideas for a romantic evening at home. It’s relaxing, peaceful and loving, and in my special way I will be showing the man in my life just how much I love him on this St. Valentines day. –