Clever Ways to say i Love you

Men and women are not built alike. We each have our inherent qualities, and my husband, like many men, have one in particular that stands out among them: romancing with an expiration date. Whether you’re one month in or have lost count of your relationship milestones, these 15 clever suggestions are sure to help anyone navigate the world of romance, especially on a little day called Valentine’s.

1. Learn to say “I love you” and other romantic phrases in Italian, and don’t forget to complete the experience with your newly claimed signature dish-which you happen to name after your loved one.

2. Can you draw, paint or sculpt? Draw your loved one in the best light, nothing says “I love you” more than seeing yourself reflected in art.

3. Show the world how big your love is by showcasing your love message play on your social network site such as “My Space,” or “Face Book.”

4. Trace your partner’s genealogy and present it as a gift with flowers in place of bows. The effort spent on this one is sure to win extra brownie points.

5. Learn a specialized message technique and stun your partner with your new moves.

6. Write romantic email messages and schedule them to release when you want, this keeps the love coming all day long.

7. Write the story of how you met, as if it were about someone else, with plenty of sweet details, and don’t forget to include the happy ending!

8. Calling all bakers! Create a one of a kind dessert for your sweetie and write “I love you” with chocolate syrup on the plate. Do not lick the plate!

9. Create a romantic photo book that visually demonstrates your love with the story of your pictures. These hardcover, bound books are easier and less expensive than ever to make.

10. Have the pet deliver the message. Insert a little folded paper message in the collar of your beloved pet; sit back, and watch your partner discover what’s written inside.

11. Deliver a bouquet of something original. Stick strawberries or chocolate covered marshmallows on the end of kebab sticks and tie them together with red ribbon.

12. Use an ice cream maker to make gelato, or her/his favorite flavor and serve it up with some extra love on the side.

13. Listen, listen, and more listening (without Espn in the background.) People, especially women, love it when they can vent about anything and everything, uninterrupted. A little extra loving care goes a long way in the unspoken romance language.

14. Simply plan a weekend night activity, whether it’s the symphony or Justin Timberlake, the thought, time spent researching, and buying the tickets ahead of time will over joy the receiver.

15. Record and upload your top 50 reasons why you love the person into his/her i-pod or mp3 player without their knowledge. This is a free and ultra clever way to say “I love you” that can be heard over and over again.

This simple recipe for longtime romance know-how is most successful when actually put into action. Although nothing is a guarantee for love, taking the time and effort to implement one or all of these romantic ideas will surely speed up the process. When all is said and done, doing something is always better than doing nothing, when it comes to Valentine’s Day and showing how you feel about those you love. After all, action speaks louder than words, but doing both is a winning combination.