Clever Ways to say i Love you

I Love You!

Those three little words we all long to hear. It seems no matter how often we hear them they never lose their magnitude. However adding a little creativity will no doubt enhance the meaning even greater it will also create a loving memory with which to hold onto for years to come.

Every person in a relationship longs to feel love so strongly it literally feels like floating on a cloud. How can is it possible to express your love in a way that will give your sweetheart the floating loving feelings? The answer is simple. Let your creative juices flow. Show your love in small personal ways.

Good Morning My Love:

Wake your sweetie up with your creativity. Place a rose on your pillow with a note proclaiming your love. Next light a scented candle and turn on some soft music. The music should be very soft, you want it just loud enough to gently awaken your love from sleep. Then head into the kitchen to prepare breakfast for the both of you to enjoy in bed when your lovely finally wakes up.

Steaming Cup of Love:

Fix your sweetheart a nice cup of their favorite hot steamy drink. Coffee, cappuccino, frappuccino or even hot chocolate will work perfect for this. After you have fixed the drink, decorate the top. This can be done with a little chocolate syrup or a stencil and powdered sugar. Your decoration can be as simple or as elaborate as you wish. The message will be appreciated regardless. Just a simple heart will express your love nicely.

Relaxing Love:

Surprise your loved one with by running a hot bubble bath. Light some candles, play soft music, pour a couple of glasses of wine and escort your lovely into the bathroom for a relaxing bubble bath for two. This can be an enjoyable and loving time for both of you.

A Flower Trail:

Set the mood with a surprise trail of flowers and rose petals. Go home early and prepare so that everything is ready before she gets home. The trail should begin at the door and lead to you in the bedroom with a single long stemmed rose, two glasses and a chilled bottle of wine. Chocolate fondue and fresh strawberries will add a wonderful touch to your special evening of love.

Love Notes:

No matters how old we may get, those little love notes are still a wonderful way to express your love to your mate. Think back to those school days remember the excitement that came when you opened a love note from your sweetheart. Alternatively, the emotions that welled up within when penning words on a small piece of paper for your love.

Those same little notes are full of emotion and exclamations of Love when we are older. Actually taking the time to do something so simple and yes maybe even a little silly might just get your message across in a way that will bring many rewards later.