Why People have Virtual Affairs on the Internet

Over the years as the Internet has evolved, one part of it has become rather murky, and as a result, the rules that have governed human relationships for millennia have suddenly become blurry, if not blotted out completely. It wasn’t until the past several years that the idea of a virtual relationship even existed; and now, it’s something that exists all over the place, even as no one is really able to even guess how prevalent it is. In some cases, it’s almost like a virus, infecting people from all walks of life; people who go on living their lives as if nothing has changed; even as they live with the secret that they have someone in their life that they don’t tell anyone else about because they fear the impact it will have on their “real” relationships.

The question is, why do people do it?

If you look at how life is lived today, and how it has been lived for generations, it’s not that difficult to see why this is happening.

First of all, modern life for the average couple, especially those that have been together for while, is not that great. This is not to say that couples don’t care about and love another, its more to point out that because everyone goes to work and comes home tired, and so many of these people have so many other things going on in their life, it becomes difficult to feel close to the person you are supposed to feel the closest with. This leaves a bit of emotional hole that people wish to fill. In the old days, people simply went out and found someone in person to be with and had an affair. Nowadays though, there is a loophole. People can go find someone on the Internet to share their feelings with and more, without really cheating on their spouse. Granted, this may not fulfill more physical needs, but there is nothing stopping these virtual cheaters from pretending they are with their virtual lover as they lay with their real and actual spouses. In short, they sort of get the best of both worlds; unless they get caught of course; but even then, it’s difficult if not impossible for a spouse to know just how personal the relationship has become, and thus, they aren’t able to know how upset to be; plus, in some cases, they may have their own virtual relationship they are hiding.

In some respects, this idea of having a virtual relationship with someone of the opposite sex, is as old as history; people of both sexes have had desires to stray from their marriages or regular relationships, and have quite often wished for it to be hidden and not discovered so that it can continue without destroying their other main relationship. The only thing that has changed is the physical contact and the means by which they communicate.