How to get over Unrequited Love

Wanting to be with someone who doesn’t want you back, is one of the more heart wrenching things that can happen to people; in some ways, it’s even worse than having someone and losing them, because it least if you had someone who loved you, you know you are capable of being loved.

The best way to overcome unrequited love of course is to find someone else. Of course, this isn’t easy and sometimes it’s not really the right answer for you anyway, because if you are still hung up on someone, you won’t be able to fully give of yourself to someone else, and things likely won’t work out anyway.

On the other hand, quite often people find that when they do fall for someone new, that the thing they thought was love for someone who didn’t love them back, was in fact, little more than obsession.

By its very nature unrequited love is rather an oxymoron, because in order for there to truly be love, there has to be some sort of relationship where two people are into each other, and not where it’s just one person wanting and wishing. This is because part of falling in love, is the back and forth that goes on between people.

If it’s one-sided, all you are getting is a fantasy of what you think it would be like to be with that person, not what it would actually be in reality. Therefore, to get over unrequited love, a person needs to step back and truly look at the situation as it really is.

They need to convince themselves that what they are feeling is obsession, not love, and what they desire is something that isn’t real. They need to show themselves that real love is something that only two people can share.

Other things a person can do to overcome unrequited love is to get away from the object of their affection. Being around someone you really want to be with, only serves to frustrate, and perpetuate the hope that one day things will work out in your favor.

None of this is conducive to getting over the hurt of being rejected. Sometimes it is difficult if the person is a friend, especially a close one that truly wants to continue having you as a friend.

Nevertheless, for sanity’s sake, it’s crucial to get away from this other person and not see them at all. Close the door on them and seal it. Don’t look back. This is the only way to move on, and to hopefully at some point, find someone new to love, that will love you back.