Understanding the Female Mind

Understanding the female is a conquest to man. You might understand bits and pieces of the female mind, but is the biggest part to man’s quest for understanding. The female mind set will keep you under much duress. Being married for 23 years to a wonderful woman that I tried to understand failed and we divorced but are still good friends. Don’t ask! I don’t understand it my self. We had three wonderful kids together and they have left the nest and are going about their lives. Ask any of them if they understand their mother and they will tell you.” I am not going there Dad,”and quickly leave the room like you had doused them with gasoline and struck a match.

I do know women want a sensitive that is sincere and loving. To a woman he will be passionate and seen as such. A woman’s mind works different and with good reason. Their mind as care givers are about the safety of the children. I would rather rub sandpaper on a bears butt than come between a mother and child. Mothers are instinctive and they have a sixth sense. I know! I have seen it in action. Just the other day when I came in late with beer on my breath. She says, “You been drinking again?” “Why didn’t you call me?” I replied, “Well if you know I have been drinking, you sure should know why I didn’t call.” Sixth sense and she knows what I have done before I even get home. I paid dearly for all my mistakes when married to her. I was wrong on many occasions when I thought I new her and how her mind worked.

My ex-wife knows I could never understand her and she just doesn’t care to live with that fact anymore. I am not a bad man, but she will tell you this fact. The three words I learned quickly from her were, Love, honor and respect. It will get you in good graces as far as understanding a woman’s mind. It is the truth! Love, honor and respect are on the back of every female’s drivers license in America. A woman has to trust a man and they are very strict with the guidelines for which the present their heart to you. You can not fool them and though lying to them may buy you time, they will find out your little secrets in time.

Trying to understand a woman is one of the most challenging things I have ever tried to do in my life. They ask trick questions. They can walk into one room happy and come back in to the room they left, madder than hell. You can praise her for her cooking, but if it is not quite as good as your mothers, you are going to wear it like a cheap suit. Never compare your wife to your mother under any circumstance. It is a no win position to be in and your wife will resent you for it in the years to come.

One thing is for sure. When your laying in bed with your wife at night. When things are right with the world and you are saying things like your sorry and I will try and do better. If you see a broad smile come over her face. She will feel needed and loved because she thinks she is making progress in changing your immature ways. I love the female mind and they have it all. Love, drama, smarts, energy and extra orgasms. When I think about it. Man in a way is be so obsolete and over rated. It is mind over matter and she no longer minds because you no longer matter. You have lost the respect and trust of a very loving woman by failing to understand her mind.


Thanks to all females! I enjoyed writing this article and parts of this story were true and others on my part, well could be taken wrong in a fictional sense. If my views on the female mind are way off course. I am sorry! I love the female mind and I do respect most women that show me respect too. It is a two way street we go down every day. Understanding the female mind may very well seem impossible, but with love and respect for what each of us do every day to be happy, it should make sense. It could very well be the only thing that saves us from ourselves in the long term of man trying to understand the female mind.