How to tell your Man you Love someone else

If a man is in love with you, it certainly isn’t going to be easy to tell him you are in love with someone else. It will immediately tear a hole in his heart and cause him to have an inferior complex about his ability to find and to keep a true love. We should always have respect for the man we once considered the love of our life and show him consideration and concern…just because you don’t love him anymore, doesn’t mean you can’t be concerned about the many memories the two of you shared and attempt to keep a warm friendship. I personally believe, it should first be thought about, well-planned, and considered before making the approach to tell him. You should make sure you are no longer in love with him. Oft times, the feelings you no longer love a person, can be a passing thing, brought on by stress or it’s the wrong time of month, and you don’t like anyone at this time. If you should approach him during this time and told him you don’t love him anymore, you may lose him and never get him back, and you would be the one holding the bruised heart in your hand.

Pick a special place to tell him; maybe, a quaint restaurant. Don’t be to anxious to bring the subject up, give yourself time to meet and be cordial with each other. Tell him all the fine traits he has as a man and how much you have enjoyed being with him through the relationship. Let him know it is not something he has said or done to cause your love to change but it is you and definitely not him. Allow him to see that you have struggled with this decision and it wasn’t an easy one to make. Be up front and truthful about your feelings, and that after much thought, you’ve felt it is wrong for you to keep him around when you’ve been feeling doubts about your love for him. It’s not right for you to lead him on when you feel the love is not strong enough to build a marriage on. After months, you’ve felt like you like him more as a friend than you do as a true love and you feel it is best for the two of you to go separate ways. Let him know, he’ll thank you one day for this decision; even-though, it might hurt now, you feel there’s no use for you to live a lie and end up in divorce court.