How to Rebuild a Troubled Relationship

Many troubled relations result from lack of trust.
So how do you rebuild trust?
Here are three crucial ingredients for healthy trusting relationship.
1. Credibility.
Do I believe this? Is it accurate?
Don’t base your trust on a hope. Have evidence. Ask for something that shows truth. To regain trust, insist on something tangible such as amounts, places, times and dates. Have a second person to back up what has been said with the other person present. Often, you empower someone to decieve you by forgiving them without having them show evidence of change.
2. Countability.
Can I count on you?
Be dependable and expect the same from others, especially from the one who must rebuild trust with you. On one hand, don’t ask someone to give you an impossible promise. On the other hand, keep yourself from promising things you can’t deliver on. It is far better to qualify your statements or simply say “I don’t if I can or want to do that.” Priortize your actions to accomplish what others are depending on you to do and that you agreed to do. Simplify and follow through.
3. Confidence.
Is this something I am confident in? Is it a good idea? Do I have a good feeling about it to begin with?
Giving in to something you aren’t sure about often backfires. Your gut feeling usually tells you what you already know, whether the idea is a good thing or not. Make sure you honestly have confidence in the endeavor before jumping in. Listen to viable, solid reasons for the proposal. As you take part things that actually work out for the good so that both parties win, your confidence grows. Remember, untrustworthy people have little reguard how the outcome affects others. First, discern between iffy ideas and rock solid good ones. Second, do things that build confidence in yourself and help others to legimately have confidence in you by consistently doing the right thing.