How Actions don’t Speak Louder than Words

The key to having a successful relationship is communication.

I have prov-en this fact from time to time in my current relationship. There are so many things that could misunderstanding within are relationship. Let me give you a simple example from my own relationship.

My boyfriend and i have a very open relationship because of our different lives. One thing that differs between us is i am still friends with my previous boyfriends, something that my current boyfriend has an issue with but he don’t want to interfere with to make me feel like he is controlling my life.

One day he expressed his feelings of insecurity to me, at first i began to get angry because i began to feel like he don’t trust me but i quickly put that feeling aside by putting myself in his position. I give him chance to talk then we agreed that in exchange of him allowing me to remain in contact with my previous boyfriends, I would inform him when they contact me via the telephone or face to face and our conversation details to eliminate his insecurities.

My friends do not agree with our decision stating that they think that he is too insecure and he needs to trust me. But the bottom line is I am in the relationship and I decide what advise to accept of reject from my friends and in this case their advise was rejected.

Prior to our agreement i then ask him if he has contact with his previous girlfriends to which his answer was NO. We occasionally go through each others phone, a few moths later i was going through his phone when i saw he received calls from two of his previous girlfriends. I became very up set as the feeling of betrayal came over me but instead of addressing the problem i took his phone home. Coincidently his previous girlfriend called and i gave her piece of my mind.

HE came by me the first thing the next morning and demanded his phone and he began to argue loudly and called me names(petty,irresponsible,bad minded etc) in front of my neighbors. I became very angry give him his phone an broke up with him for embarrassing me.

The following day he called we both apologized for our irrational behavior and we learned for our mistakes. The fact remained is i could have asked a question at that very moment instead of invading his privacy. Always remember every action causes a reaction and every cause has an effect.