Avoiding Communication Disasters in Marriage

The easiest way to avoid communication is to ignore it and pretend you know what the other person is talking about.I know I have been that person and it is’nt nice when your wife tells you that you are not really interested listening to what she has to say especially when I have one ear for her and another for t.v.
When you are involved in a relationship it is a two way thing and there is much more to the communication skills that is needed between two people in marriage.I believe that the divorce rates would be cut drastically if only individual couples would spend a little more time together and dicuss why they are divorcing in the first place and you will be surprised how many don’t know the real reason because they won’t listen to the other person and probably could have avoided divorce in the first place.
In my first marriage I would constantly avoid communcation with my wife because it would mean conflict of one kind or another so I would try to avoid her and even work longer hours to avoid contact.There was never any interesting dilaloge between us so there was never anthing of interest in conversation between us.It was more out of convenience than duty to hold conversations unless the discussions were about the children or house,there would be no communcation about my working day or any other topic of interest it was as if I did’nt exist.
It’s a good thing that we move on and learn from mistakes and that when you are in a similar position again that you become aware of the situation before hand and are ready for it.Avoiding communication spells disaster no matter what situation you are in and maybe it could help to save a few more relationships on the way.