Understanding the Female Mind

It would seem that a female would tell you she understands her own mind and even then she may sometimes wonder, it would be presumptuous to believe that all female minds are the same. They are not.

Since the mind, according to wikipedia: Is the intellect, the consciousness, with the perception, the memory, will, emotion and imagination. “It is the private conversation with ourselves, no one else can know our mind, only what we communicate”

This is what makes “understanding” the female mind a challenge. Each woman is blessed, or is cursed by those things that have contributed to the development of her mind. The most influential of all being the environment she lived in as a child. The inherent outcome, seen as she unfolds into a woman. The people that have surrounded her have helped define her and her mind.

The young girl blessed with a secure and loving home benefits from the acknowledgment of her value and the well-fed reinforcements from her surroundings. She will often blossom in the balanced world that is hers. She in her preteen and adolescent years has a bright bloom on her face. Her glittering braces reveal the caring details of the nurturing she is given.

You would expect that this girl blossoms into womanhood with a clearly defined mind. Sometimes,a life with unexpected jolts, in place of the one that once was on firm ground. May cause her to falter and fold unless she possess’ inner strength. This is what becomes part of her mindset.

You can expect that her background has defined her future expectations in her life, and she would want it to be the same. Will she meet a man, {like her dad} that provides her with the security and comfort she needs? Will he be aware that this will probably be her inner need for a lifetime? If he fails to live up to this expectation, will she be able to cope? On the other hand, would you expect that she might move on? This may be a rightful move in her mind.

Another young girl may not have had the blessings of the average child. Her parent’s unfortunate circumstances may have caused their structured life to fall apart. She may be from a single parent home. This is not to say that all children in single family homes are children of misfortune. Only to make a point. This young female child may have not been nurtured as well as the average child.

She may be of a mindset that leads her to withdraw into a world she creates on her own. Because she may lack the socialization of nurturing adults, she may create a world where her best friend is her doll. She may even have an imaginary friend. The one that may be keeping her company while her Mom does crack in the corner of the room. As her life is filled with misfortune, her only meal of the day may be from the lady living upstairs. The one who brings her some soup occasionally. You would expect that her mindset would be totally oriented toward self-preservation.

So how to understand the female mind means getting to know the female, as an individual, her past and her present life and understanding what makes her tick. Listen to her and watch her closely. It would be wise to practice giving all female relationships the time for the true female mind to be ” heard.”

According to the self-proclaimed feminist Dr. Luan Brizendine “the simple act of talking triggers a rush similar to a heroin addict high.” ” Women have an eight-lane superhighway and men have a small country road.” Women need to talk. Deborah Cameron an Oxford University professor states, “the amount that a woman talks is influenced by who they are with.” If you are in a relationship with a female, as a good friend , maybe a more intimate relationship. Does, she sometimes talk too much, that may be a good sign.

She feels safe with you, there is no better “high”

So how can you understand the female mind? Just listen!