What to Wear to Downplay Large Breasts

You flip through the latest fashion magazine and find so many cute, adorable and sexy clothes. Skimpy dresses, halter tops, off shoulder sweaters. All unavailable for those who are considered to be large chested. Why? Skimpy dresses offer absolutely no support. Halter tops soon become halter belts and who wants to show off their bra strap while trying to obtain that certain sex appeal associated with off the shoulder sweater?

When you are large chested, it’s time to stop dreaming of having small breasts and instead realize how to dress appropriately for your body type. As one who is large chested here are a few tips to help you become less frustrated.

1. Get a fitting to find the proper bra and size for you. So many women today are still wearing the wrong size of bra! Having a proper fitting helps to create that perfect lift and hold for your chest.

2. You can find pretty bra colors in larger sizes. Just be prepared to pay more.

3. If your buttons begin to pop, then you definitely know you are either wearing the wrong size of shirt or the wrong type of bra.

4. Realize that there are “minimizer” bras on the market that help you to look a size smaller in your chest. But be prepared to have some of your breasts stick out on the side.

5. Wear dark colors. Feel free to find strips – as long as they are length wise or or on an angle. Wearing strips that go across your body only help to make your chest look twice as large instead of twice as small.

6. A little bit of cleavage can actually hurt someone! You in particular. Be careful when you bend over. What you might think might only be a little bit of cleavage showing actually can be alot to those looking straight at you.

7. Wear a shirt that has a narrow V neck that begins in the middle of your neck. Wearing a V neck shirt that begins at the shoulder blades only helps to accentuate the large mounds in your shirt.

It is possible to wear clothing that downplay your large breasts. As with so many other things, it all begins in your mind. You need to accept the fact that you are large chested, and stop wearing clothing that really only suits those who wished they were as large chested as you were.