Summer Fashion Tips for plus Size Women

To look your best, you need to choose clothes that flatter your size and shape. If you are a plus sized woman looking for a little inspiration on how to choose flattering attire for summer, read on for some summer fashion tips for plus sized women.

Six summer fashion tips for plus sized women:

1. Wear natural fibers

If you cringe at the thought of wearing clothes that show a good deal of skin, one solution is to wear clothing that covers what you want it to cover, but is lightweight and breathable. Natural fibers typically possess the best breathability properties, so try clothes made from linen, cotton, modal or even summer weight wool.

2. Try shape wear style swimwear

The swimwear industry has recently been revolutionized by shape wear style swimwear. This swimwear can hold you in and reduce your measurements at the chest, waist and hips. Consider brands like; Miraclesuit, shape FX control swimwear and Spanx swimwear.

3. Highlight your favorite body part

No matter what size you are, it is likely that you favor some of your body parts more than others. With the right clothing choices you can highlight your favorite body parts and therefore draw the focus to these areas rather than less favored areas. For example, if you have a small waist, but dislike your butt, you could wear a belt that defines your waist and draws the eye to this area. If you partnered this with a plain black bottom it would also help detract from your lower half.

4. Wear top to toe color

There is one plus sized rule that remains constant every season of the year, and this is that head to toe color visually slims the figure. So no matter what you are wearing, consider keeping your whole outfit in the same color. Remember this also includes what you wear on your feet. Ideally wear shoes the same color as your hemline, or nude shoes that tone in with your skin color.

5. Stick to simplicity

Plus sized women tend to look best in simple silhouettes, because their curves add interest all on their own.  So look for classic clothes that only feature vertical seam lines, or necessary seam lines. Waistband free skirts and pants tend to be very flattering, alongside tunic dresses. Avoid loading up on multiple accessories; instead stick to one focal accessory.

6. Try a summer wrap dress

A summer wrap dress can be very flattering on a plus sized woman for several reasons. The first is that they tend to skim over the body disguising any lumps and bumps. They also draw the eye down the body and this creates visual length. You don’t have to worry about straining buttons and they also tend to let air circulate.