Summer Fashion Tips for plus Size Women

Plus size women can find that they dread summer. They see it as the season when people wear revealing, thin clothing that shows off their figure. The thought of attempting to be fashionable and staying cool while looking good is enough to make them want to run for cover. However, despite the fact that a great deal of summer clothing is aimed more at thin women, plus size ladies can shine.

Body shape

The body shape of a woman can guide her decision making when it comes to choosing the style and cut of clothing in which she looks best. Fashion rules regarding women’s figures, and what will help accentuate assets and reduce flaws, are the same regardless of size.

Beach wear

Trips to the beach have the power to fill plus size women with horror. Taking off layers of clothing and revealing flesh isn’t always a pleasing thought for those who’ve spent the winter and spring sheltered under layers of clothing. However, large ladies need not be fooled into imagining there’s anything wrong with the shape of their body. Plus size women can be just as sexy and attractive as slimmer women on the beach.

A skimpy bikini may not be suitable for a woman who wants to show her body shape to its best advantage; however, a two-piece swimsuit known as a tankini can look attractive. Tankinis have a vest shaped top rather than one resembling a bra, and bottoms the shape of shorts rather than skimpy briefs.

Skirted swimsuits are pretty alternatives to plain all-in-one suits, and less conservative. Their skirt helps hide large thighs and at the same time balances a figure with broad shoulders and large arms. Skirted swimsuits are also feminine and fresh.

Women who are liable to become insecure, and want to cover-up while on the beach, can still look fabulous rather than over-dressed by wearing a sarong tied to the side, or a beach cover-up that ends above their knees, but covers vital areas.

Summer dresses

Summer dresses aren’t just for smaller ladies. Plus size women can look and feel great in a floaty maxi dress on long, hot summer evenings when the cocktail season begins. Cotton empire-line dresses in pretty floral prints worn with suitable accessories can look brilliant as day wear.


Three-quarter length shorts are flattering if the right type is chosen. Those with a supportive waistband, as opposed to an elasticized variety, ending below the knee are an attractive alternative to shorts with less length.

Tunic tops

Tunics are feminine and pretty. Those that cover the bottom and thigh area help bashful plus size women feel confident and fashionable in the summer. Made from cotton, and in a pastel color or white, they are especially suitable to wear during the summer months.


Plus size women should avoid cumbersome winter cardigans and opt for light cotton shrugs that cover their upper-arms, or waterfall cardigans that produce the illusion of an elongated body.


Linen, silk and cotton tops with capped or three-quarter length sleeves are cool and refreshing to wear, as well as fresh and feminine. Tight tops should be avoided, and those that cling to a woman’s figure in the breeze. Tops that wrap over in the middle or are asymmetrical are attractive and stylish.


Women can successfully wear white pants in the summer if they choose clothing which is the right shape to suit them. Boot-cut pants, or flared pants are loose and cool as well as balancing for the figure. Elasticized waistbands are rarely attractive, but pants with a wide band flow well, producing a lovely silhouette.


Wide, full skirts make women look larger than they are, whereas long pencil skirts hug their figures in all the right places, producing sexy curves and making their legs appear longer. Wrap-around skirts can help hide stomach bulges while skirts with choppy hemlines attract observers to their creative style rather than to a woman’s size.


As summer clothes tend to be thin they reveal lumpy, ill fitting underwear. Tight bras create bulges under the arms, and towards the back, while tight, thin straps leave unsightly marks in flesh. A smooth bra, that’s well-fitting rather than lacy and frilly, will help summer clothing appear sleek and attractive.

Thin shorts, skirts and pants can reveal the line of a woman’s underwear. Therefore, thinner cotton alternatives to granny style lingerie should be favored during the summer.


Hot feet are a nightmare, so footwear should be chosen wisely. Man-made synthetic material used in shoes and sandals can encourage sweating. Sandals made from leather or wedges made from cotton canvas are better choices. Flip-flops are best avoided, apart from as beach wear. They are not supportive and cause aching legs and twisted ankles when worn all day.


Wide-brimmed cowgirl hats with pretty beading, and linen or cotton hats with decorative features are protective and stylish. Sunglasses that are chosen to suit a woman’s face help make her appear polished, as well as shade her eyes from the sun’s glare.

Plus size women can make the best of their curves this summer by wearing clothing that highlights their best features and reduces those on which they are not keen. By choosing supportive clothing that is pretty and feminine, large ladies can welcome summer rather than fearing its presence.