A Pear Shaped Womans Guide to Finding the right Jeans

You’re fortunate enough to be blessed with a body often compared to a delectable fruit; the graceful shape of a pear is only a hint of the treat found inside. Unfortunately, many clothing designers crank out styles made for brick-shaped women. With a few things in mind, though, it’s easy to find the perfect pair of jeans to balance out your look and complement your lovely figure.

Color: Choose wisely!
It’s a widely-known fact that dark colors have a slimming effect. Dark blue and black help hide bulges by minimizing the appearance of shadows. Conversely, stone-washed jeans trick the eye into seeing shadows where there are none, so leave those shades to the less-endowed girls.

Low-rise jeans are a cut above.
Jeans that are low-cut will lessen the appearance of your rear end; when your bottom looks shorter, your legs and torso seem longer.

Check your pockets!
The back pockets on a good pair of jeans should not be too far apart, but evenly centered on each side to make your seat look balanced, not broad. Pockets that are too close together, on the other hand, will make your hips look wider. Avoid cargo pockets, too; they lend the appearance of width to your thighs.

Baggy equals bulky.
Filling out your jeans is a good thing; swimming in them is bad. When you choose a style that fits the shape of your leg, you’re doing more to flatter your physique. Selecting a cut which follows your natural contour will decrease your chances of looking bulky on the bottom.

Your voluptuous shape deserves to be recognized; by choosing the right pair of jeans, you’ll be ready to get out there and strut your stuff without worrying about your bottom half’s profile.