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Lucid Dreaming

I have always loved to sleep, not as much for the rehabilitation of tissues and nerves, as the adrenaline filled adventure of dreamscapes. Even pre-voracious consumption of such new age scripture as Brian Weiss’ Many Minds Many Masters. As well as Seth Speaks, and The Holographic Universe. Yes, I have always instinctively subscribed to the validity of dreams and the practicality of their messages. Full color (although at times with a bluish slightly dark aesthetic), restless, grand in scope, action and Eros filled with yours truly invariably cast as the magnanimous gleaming hero (with occasional arrogance). Huge escapades of drama, conflict and lust. Sometimes lucid, sometimes absurd, always arcane. I seem to possess a courage and forthrightness in these states that would make Russell Crowe and Nelson Mandela envious. (Not that I wouldn’t posses many of the same traits in waking life, as I have showed remarkable heroism in many a tight situation.)

However, lately these dreams have taken on a completely new utilitarian attraction. Seeming to encompass the whole night they are more than just fun, they have taken on an almost waking hours obsession. Applying some self styled methods, as well as some of the learned techniques of the aforementioned texts, I have been attempting to manipulate my dreams and induce voluntary astral projections. (A kind of out of body flight into the tingly all-loving light and to parallel dimensions, with spiritual, psychic, intellectual and wisdom empowerment side benefits.) I have tried this via deep trance-like meditation, holothropic breathing as well as temporal lobe (the part of your brain just above your right ear) stimulation.

The results have been overall favorable. New Age babble aside you can procure a sense of well being.

In retrospect, its seems some of our best pop cultural or mythological characters were spawned, in part, I believe, by creative minds with the astral and spiritual instincts and possibly experience to subscribe to the power of dreams and their meanings. For in these altered states one could possess the powers of Hercules, the laser and fire bolt abilities of The Human Torch, flying abilities of Superman and even the skills of the advanced Thor (astral projection capabilities). For all of these skills and more are yours in certain altered states and phenomenal perceptions.

LeBerge, of Stanford fame is one man I would love to work with. I have begun communication with The Lucid Institute (his facility). We will have to see how it pans out. For now the chants, the speculation, the sleep patterns, the research, the interfacing through L.I. will all continue with documented results and recorded visceral hunches. The traveling possibilities when I am in the lucid state are mind boggling, unlimited, and too mentally staggering to attempt and analyze thoroughly. After I get a little experience with more physical plane infatuations (flying, eroticism, swaggering), I do plan to test perception jumping (like from a lucid dream state to an astral plane or parallel universe). This story is a sci-fi fantasy adventure inspired by these dreams and experiments. As well as my talented, but impetuous sixteen-year-old nephew, who may either be an indigo child or an indigo child gone some what awry.