A natural disaster can strike Japan at any time and because that country is not very big, area wise, the population within the entire country is likely to suffer the effects of an earthquake, a hurricane, a tidal wave or some other violent weather event. So too, it might take many years in which to fully recover from the damage caused by just one natural disaster.

As a matter of fact, the people of Japan are still in the process of fixing the damage caused by a tidal wave that was created by an earthquake that occurred under the Pacific Ocean more than a year ago. Thousands of people became homeless as a result of the meltdown of two nuclear reactors within a nuclear powered electric generation plant that was damaged by that tidal wave.

You see, the area around that damaged nuclear power plant is not safe for Human habitation and that area will not be safe to live within for many more years within the future. Worse yet, a large amount of radiation leaked into the ocean and eventually will be in the sea life that has been exposed to such radiation.

If you have not already guessed, the ocean is a primary source of food for the Japanese People, as well as those people who live on the nearby islands. The result being is that tens of thousands of people are still suffering the effects of that tidal wave, some of whom will get some type of cancer, caused by their exposure to nuclear radiation.

Then again, thousands of homes must be built for those people who became displaced because their home is within the nuclear radiation contamination zone. There must be an increase in public services in those areas where those displaced people are relocated to so that they can begin to live a normal life again. There is also the matter of becoming employed again if their job was within that radiation poisoned zone.

The country’s workforce, with the exception of emergency service workers, some of those nuclear power plant employees and small business owners, were out of work for more than a month after that tidal wave struck the South coast of that country. Emergency aid was provided by many other countries but some people will never fully recover from that natural disaster that killed many people and will, most likely, kill those who get cancer as a result of the radiation that spewed out of that nuclear powered electric generation plant